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Emails of Performance Results from Happy Growers

Hello Saul

I’m loving the Aloe Bio-Fertilizer & I am running low. I was hoping to secure another 200 litres of the Bio Fertilizer please ASAP. If not possible in 20 litre containers then larger containers is fine. Hope you are well & look forward to speaking.


John (Olive tree grower - Queensland)

Dear Sir

Hi there, I would like to know the cost of your 5 Ltr Organic liquid soil improver and fertilizer please and postage to Peachester 4519, Sunshine Coast. I bought a 1 Ltr bottle from an expo and notice the difference in my plants.

Thank you,

Alison Anderson (Australia)

Hi Saul....happy to receive your email. pls let me know how can i get aloe vera fertilizer in Myanmar..its great!, my plants and garden is amazing grow

Kyawh Kyawh (Myanmar)

Hi Saul

Just wanted to let you know that we thought your Aloe Vera BioFertilizer product was very good as where I had applied it we had an abundance of earthworms and very good growth. A very good product thanks.


Kay Paton (North QLD)

Hey Saul

Yes, my garden grows very well thanks to the Aloe Biofertilizer – just ask the birds who eat my Russian black tomatoes, and the baby rabbits who squeeze through the wire mesh fencing to get at the silver beet. The best result is from my wisterias, which you can almost see growing!

Rod Brunswick (Canberra)

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your information. Do you have your agent in Myanmar? I like your Aloe Vera fertilizer. My garden is very beautiful with your fertiilizer. If I wanted to buy in Myanmar, where I can get it.

Best regards,

Mya Mya

Hi Saul

I love using and seeing the results that I am getting by using your Aloe Vera Biofertilizer.

Do you have or have you ever thought of supplying a snap-on hose applicator?

The reason that I suggest it is because I have been using a old miracle gro applicator with the Aloe Biofertilizer and I am getting excellent results using this (especially on ferns which can easily burn) every fortnight or so but I am concerned that I maybe using too much product from a wastage point of view. I originally purchased a 1lt bottle from you and put a capful of the Aloe Biofertilizer in the applicator which I think holds 800ml of water - I feel that this lasts for about 12-15 minutes of watering.

I’m passionate about sub tropical gardening and grow many (and privately sell) palms, cordylines, aroids and lots of foliage plants, just an enthusiast. I also work for a private school and part of my responsibilities are creating and maintaining the grounds on 2 campuses.

Cheers, Tim

Dear Saul,

We are enjoying the products you sent us.

My wife is seeing almost immediate results after having applied your Aloe Fertilizer to some of her garden plants. Seems like a great product, and we'll be ordering more.

I will send a recommendation for your product to Munch Crunch Organics today in case you hadn't contacted them.

All the best


Hydroponics Systems - Aloe BioFertilizer

We have been applying 2.5ltrs Aloe Biofertilizer per 10,000ltrs on a weekly basis or split applications.

At these rates it's been constant results within 2 week's, first visual on the roots. These tests are being applied in N.F.T systems.

From Joe

Aloe Biofertilizer - Lettuce

Hi Saul,

The aloe fertiliser went very well and everything grew much larger than previously especially the cos lettuce which was 2 1/2 times larger than ever before.

Pest control was a LOT better!!!!!!!!!! In all, highly successful.

Cheers Jeff

Aloe BioFertilizer Vs Seaweed Concentrates part 1.

Hello Saul,

The Aloe Vera Bio-Fertilizer seems to help the pot plants grow well, better than those Seaweed concentrates available in local garden store.

Do you have any recommendation for a fungus problem on Blueberry plants? I prefer not to use any chemicals.



Aloe BioFertilizer Vs Seaweed Concentrates part 2.

These photos of radish plants show the results from seed.

I used a Seaweed Concentrate called S--sol and compared it with the Aloe Biofertilizer.

The radish all had the same sunlight each day and the fertilizer was applied once every 10 days with the same amount applied at 100:1

I will let the photo explain the result (Click here)